Probate Litigation

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It’s very important that individuals understand probate litigation, especially when the time comes to get wills and trusts in order.  This time comes for everyone and is part of ensuring that our loved ones are taken care of when our time comes.  Below, you’ll learn some important information about probate litigation as well as some protective steps you should take to ensure that your wishes are met. 

What is Probate Litigation? 

Probate litigation is the laws, codes and statutes which govern wills, trusts and the settling of an estate.  This might include the disputes that some relatives of the deceased person has, the court case which results from this and the awards given by the court of law.  So, when an individual leaves property, assets, money or other things to a beneficiary – the entire process is covered under probate law. 

Probate Litigation Lawyers 

A probate litigation lawyer can help ensure that a person’s wishes are legal and binding – so that nothing arises which interferes with those wishes.  Since these types of attorneys know the probate laws inside and out, they can help you make sure you’re taking the right steps and that your will or trust is completely legal.  This is very helpful if you have children from a previous marriage or want to leave your property or assets to someone other than your legal next of kin. 

A probate lawyer can even look after your best interests when the time has come for those assets and property to move to the beneficiary by ensuring that the legal process is followed and that your wishes are followed. 

Probate Litigation Cases 

Probate litigation cases might happen if someone has a dispute or problem with your will or trust.  This might include someone who thought they would be your beneficiary.  They can challenge the will or trust to ensure that it’s completely legal or try to make it seem as if it isn’t completely legal.  This particular reason is why so many individuals rely on a probate litigation attorney to keep things binding and valid. 

What is an Executor of the Estate? 

This is someone you appoint to help you make sure things are taken care of once you pass on.  You might appoint someone who is a close friend or family member – and in some cases if no one is appointed, someone will be appointed by the court.   

This person’s role is to ensure that each beneficiary receives what he or she is entitled to and that your wishes are adhered to.  It’s a great idea to appoint someone you know you can trust so that you know your wishes will be followed to the best of the executor’s ability. 

Probate litigation law is there for a purpose – to ensure that you are able to leave what you want to who you want!  This is why it’s so important to ensure that you have matters dealt with early and that you have handled everything you need to in order to have things done the way you want them.

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