Divorce Litigation

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In the course of the dissolution of a marriage, a divorce litigation attorney may be sought out by one or both spouses.  In almost all cases of divorce, the entire process can be handled without the assistance of a divorce litigation attorney, but in most marriages, one partner typically stands to lose more than another does, concerning child custody, alimony, and division of assets. 

In any case, once one spouse seeks legal counsel, it is customary and almost necessary for the other spouse to reserve legal counsel as well.  Granted, if one party wishes to dissolve a marriage, then this will inevitably occur, but during divorce mediation, other potentially volatile issues must also be resolved, such as child support payments, division of debts and assets, alimony payments, and any number of case specific issues, which may arise.  Given the complex and emotionally draining nature of divorce mediation, even before entering a divorce litigation courtroom, most divorcing couples turn to legal counsel.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce Cases

Divorce litigation courtroom dramas often portray dramatic scenes involving courtroom mudslinging and other acrimonious incidents, however, in nearly ninety-eight percent of all divorce cases, the issues and divorce are finalized outside of the courtroom.  Through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation, negotiation, and even arbitration, important issues such as child custody and visitation, alimony, and acquisition of assets can all be arranged to the satisfaction of both parties.  Once an arrangement for the terms of a divorce has been handled outside of the courts, both sides will formally submit the arrangement to a divorce court judge for approval, which is almost always granted, save for cases of coercion or reckless unfairness. 

Getting Legal Help with a Divorce Case

Having attorney represent your legal interests, as well as remain an objective party on your side during the emotional divorce process is extremely helpful, as well as highly beneficial in the long run, both regarding your family life as well as your financial life.